Everyone takes basic security precautions every day — you use a key to get into your house and log on to your computer with a username and password. You’ve probably also experienced the panic that comes with misplaced keys and forgotten passwords. It isn’t just that you can’t get what you need — if you lose your keys or jot your password on a piece of paper, someone else can find them and use them as though they were you.

Imagine that instead of using something you have (like a key) or something you know (like a password), biometrics uses who you are to identify you. Biometrics can use physical characteristics, like your fingerprints. Unlike keys and passwords, your personal fingerprints are extremely difficult to lose or forget. They can also be very difficult to copy. For this reason, many people consider them to be safer and more secure than keys or passwords.

DialSA offer biometric products using the latest finger print recognition technology to provide reliable and cost effective, secure access control and time & attendance solutions for businesses.