Satellite Broadband


Up to now satellite broadband has been slow and expensive. Our Satellite Broadband Solution is going to change that with the latest satellite technology. This is set to change the way South Africans access the internet. ADSL. services are not available everywhere.  3G also being unreliable in outlying areas.
That is until now. Traditional satellite technology utilises broad single beams to cover entire continents and regions. Our new satellite technology is based on multi-spot beams which provide coverage over highly targeted areas. Which results in far more efficient use of the available bandwidth and therefore more reliable at low cost to the end user. Hence a smaller Sat.Dish is required, making installation quick and efficient. It works just like a satellite TV dish.
You might ask

  • What packages are available?
  • How good is the broadband quality?


A wide range of first class packages will be available to suit any environment and user segment. Right from basic internet for the home to high speed service plans for corporates. Our  Satellite Broadband Solution is ideal as a backup service in case of an outage. All too common these days, cable thief resulting in down time costs. This is also suited to companies with multiple branches in outlying areas.
With Our  Satellite Broadband Solution you will have high speed uninterrupted internet in either direction. Download speeds of up to 5 Mbps. and Upload speeds of up to 3Mbps. Of which a percentage is guaranteed.
Our Satellite Broadband Solution is GAME CHANGING! It’s almost like the cell phone has re-arrived – previously not available to many. This will change the way we look at – Farm security, Rural Education,
Emergency services, Rescue services, Entertainment, its endless.

February 2020
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